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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Ash logs?
    Ash burns at a steady rate, giving a high amount of heat and a nice flame.
  • Why kiln-dried logs?
    Kiln-dried firewood will have a moisture content below 20% and be dry right the way through. The logs are read to burn straight away, free from insects, bacteria and mould. This is due to the heat drying process. They are more efficient as they start to burn much faster due to less moisture. If you run out of logs mid-winter, you can be sure that our kiln-dried firewood will be exactly the same as if purchased in the summer. You are at no risk of being sold partly seasoned logs.
  • Why do you sell nets?
    We choose to only sell and deliver our kiln-dried Ash logs in extra large nets. We take them direct to your log store completely free of charge over uneven ground or gravel if necessary. Our netted logs are easy to store as well as being more manageable and convenient for you to move, when needing to carry them inside to your log basket. Our delivery will not be left "kerbside" or tipped onto your driveway for you to deal with!
  • Why does your tonne bag get delivered in 14 nets?
    The main advantage of this is to assist the customer when bringing their logs into the house to burn. You can carry one net of kiln-dried Ash logs safely and more efficiently. 15 nets of our logs are the equivalent of a "tonne bag." (named as such because of its carrying capacity)
  • I'm just outside your delivery area. Will you make an exception?
    We deliver within a 30km radius of our base in Woking. Please contact us if you are outside our normal delivery area and we will try to assist. There may be a small delivery charge.
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