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The finest kiln dried logs personally delivered direct to your woodstore

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Home County Log Co.

We only supply kiln-dried firewood that is dry throughout with a moisture content well below 20% . Less moisture means the logs burn more efficiently and with less smoke than seasoned wood. Our logs are ready to burn immediately and are free from insects, bacteria and mould. Even if you require logs in the middle of winter, you can be sure that our kiln-dried firewood will be of the exact same quality as logs purchased in the summer. You are at no risk of being sold partly seasoned logs.


Our Services

Home County Premium Logs

Medium Bulk Bag

Medium Bulk Bag Kiln-dried Ash
(Delivered in 8 x 40 ltr nets)

£ 105.00

Large Bulk Bag

Large Bulk Bag Kiln-dried Ash
(Delivered in 14 x 40 ltr nets)

£ 170.00

2 x Large Bulk Bags

2 x Large Bulk Bag Kiln-dried Ash
(Delivered in 28 x 40 ltr nets)

£ 325.00



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The benefits of kiln dried logs

The benefits of Home County Logs

  • Higher heat output: Kiln-dried logs contain less moisture than other types of firewood, which means they burn hotter and more efficiently. This allows you to achieve the desired warmth with fewer logs, ultimately saving time and money.

  • Cleaner burning: Less moisture also means cleaner combustion, which results in less tar and creosote buildup in your chimney or flue system. This is essential for maintaining a safe and efficient heating appliance.

  • Eco-friendly: Compared to processed fuels like coal or gas, kiln-dried logs are a greener alternative. Sourced from sustainable sources, these logs have a smaller carbon footprint and release significantly lower emissions when burned.

Our Happy Customers


The logs were very well packed and appeared to be nice and dry. The delivery arrived on the date arranged, with good communication from the driver. I haven’t burnt any logs yet, so cannot comment on that aspect.


Ordered the logs the delivery date was confirmed the logs where delivered on that date which was brilliant. The quality of the logs are 1st class shall be definitely be ordering more in the future. Brilliant service from start to finish excellent customer service.

Matt May

Super helpful right from my first call through to delivery. |Have not lit any fires yet but the logs look great and I've heard really good reports of how well they burn.

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